Monday, April 16, 2018

The right fight

Kurt Schlichter still has high hopes for November - if Republicans fight for it.
A tall order for sure.
Then there is the Trump factor. First, if you saw his CPAC or other recent speeches, you know he’s totally committed to winning the midterms. The guy is a competitor, and they have not beaten him yet. While the DC/NYC axis has decreed that he’s hated and loathed and hated some more, that’s not exactly showing up in the polls. Rasmussen has him at around 50% approval, and the economy is improving just like he promised. Out here, beyond the Beltway, nobody seems to be abandoning Trump. 
The danger is the other side’s base is activated, but how will the Dems activate normal voters? Democrats may have to run on the platform of “Don’t believe your lying eyes about the economy getting better – instead, let’s spend 2019 impeaching Trump for cavorting with formerly hot women over a decade ago!”

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