Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How they saved so many

Via Hot Air, a riveting article from the Emergency Room physician in Las Vegas who helped many of the shooting victims in October.
It starts with preparation, put into place when word of the shooting arrived at his hospital.
At that point, I put into action a plan that I had thought of beforehand. It might sound odd, but I had thought about these problems well ahead of time because of the way I always approached resuscitations:
  1. Preplan ahead
  2. Ask hard questions
  3. Figure out solutions
  4. Mentally rehearse plans so that when the problem arrives, you don’t have to jump over a mental hurdle since the solution is already worked out
It’s an open secret that Las Vegas is a big target because of its large crowds. For years I had been planning how I would handle a MCI (Mass Casualty Incident), but I rarely shared it because people might think I was crazy.

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