Thursday, March 10, 2016

You gotta know when to fold 'em

Is it time for Marco Rubio to throw in the towel?
Especially when it looks like Donald Trump will win Florida on Tuesday.
What will Marco do with his time?
Meet with Jeb and complain how they both ruined the other's chances this year?

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Mike aka Proof said...

I read one analysis that said Marco's smartest move would be to throw in with Cruz before the FL primary. He's not running for reelection to the Senate. If he loses FL, as many project, he probably can't credibly run for governor.
If he negotiated a Cruz/Rubio ticket before FL, he's got an excellent shot at veep, then maybe the big chair in 2024. Win-win.

It would take a mighty big man to swallow his ego and pride and concede before FL. Second place there would be a Pyrrhic victory.