Monday, March 28, 2016

How are you handling the loss?

Virginia basketball suffered a stunning loss Sunday, ending a long-hoped run for the Final Four.
A place where Virginia hasn't been since 1984.
When I was still in college.
It was tough to watch the final minutes.
So much hope dashed.
The confidence of the early double-digit lead crumbled.
I didn't go to the chatboards of a website to vent my frustration.
But I woke up twice in the night - thinking I was back in the newspaper world and had to put together the sports section about the loss.
In just a few hours.
And my last year in full-time in the newspaper business was 1995 - the last time Virginia reached the Elite Eight.
Maybe sometime soon, Virginia may make the Final Four.
Maybe I need to take some college courses again to help out.

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