Monday, March 7, 2016

Blaming the building inspector

I tried to limit my exposure to Monday's town hall with Democratic candidates on Fox.
But Hillary's line on Detroit got through.
She said it's terrible that children in Detroit go to classrooms that are filled with mold.
And that it's the Republican governor's fault.
How again?
Democrats ruled the city and state for years.
But elect a Republican and they get the blame.
It's like blaming the building inspector for telling you the house is not habitable.
It took years of poor decisions to destroy Detroit's schools and Flint's financial situation.
The Republican governor has only bad choices in how to fix the problems.
Money that should have solved the problems years ago went to other vote-buying schemes.
Not classrooms and water pipes.
And instead of looking at their mistakes through the years, Democrats want to blame the Republican governor.
Because they trashed the place and left it unlivable.

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