Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why Trump?

Pundits continue to trash Donald Trump.
And he remains atop the polls.
Pundits ponder the doom of the Republican party if Trump wins the nomination.
And yet he seems headed in that direction.
You're thinking too much.
Why not?
Politicians have gotten us into a mess - because they try to bend themselves into a shape pundits like.
Trump appears not to care.
He does things his own way.
What if he's the most electable person on the Republican debate stage?
That he's not trying to throw the election to Hillary Clinton, but that he knows anyone can beat her - so why not him?
Heads will continue to explode every time Trump says something.
He's not a true conservative.
But he would be more conservative than what we've had the past seven years.
In an era of angry battles all around, you want a battler on your side.
To lead the way.

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