Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump keeps us safe

Politicians need to stop thinking like politicians.
Consultants need to stop thinking like their herd.
The same with pundits.
Donald Trump put down a marker - here's how we can prevent another attack by a radical Islamist in the Western world.
If you knew there would be no more terror attacks ever, the talk of the political class would make sense - you don't want to make potential voters dislike you.
If there's a terror anywhere in the next two months - United States or Europe - Trump can say he had an idea.
And he was blasted.
People will be more scared than they are now.
And more willing to follow a different path.
Now ISIS and their supporters have a dilemma.
Another attack is their goal, but another attack will make Trump stronger.
And invite a stronger response from the United States.
President Obama can talk about being on the right side of history. It's cold comfort when reality is going the opposite way.
Trump's tough talk Monday may keeps us safer - no matter how offensive you think the messenger is.

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