Thursday, December 10, 2015

Breaking the window

Ace reminds us of the other useful purpose Donald Trump serves - changing the window of the conversation.
I can't express how unsuited Trump is for the presidency -- are we going to have a president so impulsive as to change his mind from "Let Putin handle ISIS, what has it got to do with us?" to "Let's bomb the shit out of ISIS" and "I'll handle terrorism so hard it'll make your head spin" based on a single thing he saw on TV (San Bernardino) which completely changed all of his thoughts?
But he is useful for plowing through the colossal, coralled-over shipwrecks and dead hulks of leftist thought that clog the trade-routes of political expression and debate.

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edutcher said...

He's so unsuited the whole damned country supports him in preference to everybody else, even Hillary.