Thursday, May 7, 2015

Walker vs. poverty pimps

Don Surber likes how Scott Walker irritates liberals.
Liberals are alarmed. Scott Walker decried poverty pimps and wants -- Holy Cow -- government to protect individual civil liberties, instead of steamrolling our right in the name of some boutique special interest group.
“I think government needs to do more to give people freedom back, and I think that’s true across the board, but particularly on this topic in that I think for too long — and I’ll say this, this is a fairly aggressive term — but I think there are too many poverty pimps in our society. Too many government officials who rely on poverty as a way, a means of political control, too many community-based organizations who rely on their existence by perpetuating the cycle of dependency,” Scott Walker said.
If there's not poverty pimps, they would be happy to be working their ways out of a job.

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