Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm sorry I said he would say he's sorry

The University of Michigan jumped the gun before a meeting between football coach Jim Harbaugh and some unhappy students.
Would Harbaugh apologize for getting behind a showing of "American Sniper."
Not quite.
“Vice President Royster has met this request and scheduled a meeting in which Coach Jim Harbaugh will be issuing a private apology,” student Lamees Mekkaoui, a leader of the campus organization Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, stated in the email. “I would really love to have anyone falling into these identities who felt impacted by Coach Harbaugh’s tweets present for support, especially because this meeting was requested by students.”
A few hours after Mekkaoui sent the email, it was retracted and replaced with a different message.
“I would like to make a correction in my email,” her second email stated. “I made the mistake of assuming that an apology would be issued. However, Coach Jim Harbaugh was simply invited to a private meeting with us in order to talk about the screening of American Sniper and get a dialogue going about how a university leader’s social media can impact campus climate. I take full responsibility for this assumption and I am very sorry for any confusion I may have caused.”
Sorry for assuming an apology.
They should be sorry for assuming that would happen.

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