Friday, February 14, 2014

Universal Snowblower Act

When you have more than a foot of snow, you notice driveways after the storm.
Some have clean, crisp lines after a snowblower has been used.
Others the haphazard use of a shovel to make just enough room for a car to try and get out.
Is that fair?
Shouldn't everybody have a snowblower?
You need them to get to work more quickly after a storm finishes.
Those without snowblowers can be left behind.
If they can't get out of their houses, they could lose paychecks.
While the rich get richer.
President Obama should get behind this idea.
Sure, in some areas of the south people don't really need snowblowers.
But not everybody needs all the health insurance coverage they must pay with Obamacare.
Snowblowers in Florida make as much sense as maternity coverage for a single guy.
I'm waiting for this universal benefit - it will benefit everyone.
As long as you don't try to count a cost.

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