Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To read after rolling your eyes

The Anchoress deserves a medal - reading the crappy column about the Catholic influence on the Supreme Court and smacking it out of the park.
It is a piece of bigotry so highly burnished it would scald the retinas, were its arguments not so relentlessly stupid as to invite protective eye-rolling. The writer, Jamie Stiehm, means to shame Sotomayor into behaving by accusing her of judicial malfeasance, rooted in religious self-interest. Since one cannot prove a negative, Sotomayor is now supposed to take the bait and defensively demonstrate — by means of all of her future opinions — that Stiehm is wrong, and she, Sotomayor, is a still a good soldier and a good sister. Let’s take a look at this thing, shall we?

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