Thursday, January 9, 2014

Court room warming

Steyn Online watches Michael Mann spend more time at the judicial bar than working on his science.
That's right: he's the "plaintiff" in the Virginia case. He's also the plaintiff in the "Hide The Decline" case, and the Canadian case, and the Steyn case. The plaintiff is the one doing the suing. The thin-skinned Dr Mann is a serial litigant. He is never not suing, or threatening to sue. By contrast, nobody is suing Dr Mann.
So, if Mann is spending a lot of time with lawyers, it's by choice. If the reflexively litigious dweeb were to spend less time with his lawyers, he might have time to do a bit more science. After all, the hockey stick is a decade and a half old. He's starting to look a bit of a one-stick pony.
Hope he doesn't sue me for this post.

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