Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MadDow disease

Want your fresh, hot liberal talking points?
Maddowblog is the place.
David Axelrod has a tweet about Congress being "the dog who caught the car."
Maddow's blog has a post pushing the idea.
Do Republicans vote on principal, or just hate Obama? Maddow's blog thinks it knows.
In recent years, there have been a great number of issues on which Republicans took a side, only to abandon their position the moment President Obama agreed with them. By now, I imagine most of us can think of the list off the top of our head: an individual mandate in health care, cap-and-trade, the DREAM Act, a bipartisan deficit-reduction commission, at least some form of Keynesian economics, trying terrorist suspects in civilian U.S. courts and then imprisoning them on American soil, etc. I'm probably forgetting a few.
But each of the items on the list has to do with domestic policy -- Syria would break new ground. Obama believes military intervention is wise, so the normally hawkish party is quickly rediscovering its inner dove.

Have they considered that Obama's made a bad choice?
No. It must be the Republicans are wrong.

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