Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We wanted you to do something

As we get ready for the Benghazi hearings Wednesday, it will be a fun day of liberal whining.
"We couldn't have stopped the attack."
We'll never know, because nothing was done.
The fight at the U.S. consulate waxed and waned for ten hours. Yet during that time, the Marine Force Recon unit on Sigonella Air Base, 500 miles away, was never deployed and not one F-16 or F-18 was dispatched. Granted, Force Recon and fighter aircraft weren’t on alert and did not appear on the Pentagon’s official list of “hostage rescue forces.” But they were one phone call away, and no general asked for them. Ten hours provided adequate time for a range of ad hoc responses. Commanders are expected to adapt in battle.
We wanted to see something tried.

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