Sunday, May 19, 2013

Conventional wisdom

Bearing Drift writer survived Republican convention Saturday, and barely lived to tell about it.
And despite the miracles of modern communication, cell phones, Bearing Drift and our livestream, John Frederick’s live broadcast, email, Facebook and Twitter, the convention floor was still rife with rumors and nonsense, including the fake/rescinded endorsement controversy between Corey Stewart and Pete Snyder on the final ballot. Conventioneers were treated like fungi – kept in the dark and fed crap – and that inevitably had an impact on the final selection of E.W. Jackson as our Lt. Governor nominee.  Information trickled out of the counting area, and it was left to bloggers and social media to keep convention goers in the know.  And given the length of the convention, cell phones were dying or dead far before the convention was gaveled closed at 10:30 Saturday night.
True, there are many better ways to spend a spring Saturday than inside the convention.
You've got to be a true believer.
Now, can those true believers convince enough of the state on the wisdom of their choices.

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