Sunday, December 9, 2012

Other than that, the story was accurate

Yahoo News picked up a press release last week.
PJ Tatler picked it apart Sunday.
The press release stated Fox News viewers had lower IQs than the rest of the population.
PJ Tatler tried to find the source.
The phone number was from Washington, D.C., but the address on the press release was Alabama. And the group behind the study?
Only one found on Google, and it's in Australia.
And it's not the real name of the group behind the press release.
A four-year study sparked by the outcome of the recent election, from an institution that’s admittedly a fake, from a company that won’t identify itself, supposedly funded by a Republican PAC trying to “cut off” the Tea Party like a cancer, using a sample that was chosen with a particular result in mind, with a contact number that’s an anonymous free Google Voice number.
Other than that, the story was accurate.
UPDATE: Snopes joins the story.

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