Sunday, December 9, 2012

More global warming whining

It's a weekend in December and I walked the dog this morning without a jacket - just a short-sleeve shirt.
You'd like people would enjoy the unexpected warmth.
Not the global warming whiners.
I found this blog at the National Resources Defense Council website - we must fight climate change so people can ski.
Yesterday NRDC and Protect Our Winters released a report that analyzes recent snow conditions and projected impacts of climate change on skiing, snowboarding, and the snowmobile industry. The study looks at the significant economic size of the industry and what's at stake due to a changing climate.
The report finds that a bad snow season hits the economies of ¾ (38) of U.S. states--clearly showing that lower snow years result in fewer skier visits compared to higher snow years. That translates into money, and people’s livelihoods, jobs, and lifestyles.
If it doesn't snow, people don't think skiing.
They won't support ski resorts.
But they will support something else.
Probably something global whining clingers can't control.

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