Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is it an "Obama only" electorate?

The baffling thing about Tuesday is the reappearance of Obama voters from 2008.
In Virginia, they disappered in 2009 as Bob McDonnell lead a sweep. Republicans took three Congressional seats in 2010 and maintained their dominance in the 2011 elections.
Then the Obama voters give him the state in 2012.
Will they be dormant for four more years since we vote for Obama's replacement?
Or do these voters only come out for Barack Obama. If Democrats nominate an old white guy in 2016, will he struggle at the polls?
Wisconsin made some major changes in the past two years. Republicans held the governorship and retained the state legislature.
It was enough progress to think Romney had a chance there.
Then Obama wins the state big enough for an early call Tuesday.
Obama couldn't transfer his popularity to Creigh Deeds. Are his voters only his?

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