Monday, September 27, 2010

A lesson for President Obama

Wyblog has a tale of woe, with a happy ending.
And, I think, a lesson for the President and Democrats.
It's was street party time in front of his house. As it was winding down, he went down to the basement. And found a mess.
A broken sewer pipe had dumped waste water into the basement. Not the way to spend a Saturday night.
Did Wyblog stop and blame eight years of George W. Bush's policies for the problem? No. Did he say he was working on the problem, but obstruction from the obstruction made the situation seem worse? No.
He went about getting help to fix the problem.
He called the plumber. Got good advice from his wife. Help from the neighbors. And help from friends. Knowledgable friends in the field of plumbing, not people who have read books on plumbing. Or watched D.I.Y. network on the weekend.
He lives in a old house, where the pipe sagged and couldn't take the pressure of higher than normal use. But blaming old pipes and the failure of former owners to replace them wouldn't clean his house in time for the Jets' game Sunday night.
President Obama, stop complaining about the crap around your feet and start working. Don't keep dumping more problems in the basement.
Don't be like the Roto-Rooter guy, looking for a solution that favors your way of doing business. It may simply be some old pipe that needs replacement, not a total overhaul of everything.
Besides, Wyblog couldn't afford their extra service. He's got to pay your taxes.
The good news of the story? The Jets won.

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Chris Wysocki said...

Well put Mike! I like your version much better than mine.