Friday, September 17, 2010

Boucher's buy

Reports came out Thursday about Rep. Rick Boucher buying a car with campaign funds.
I followed the link, and the care was bought in the same town of Lebanon. It's off the beaten path from Bristol, the biggest media market entirely in his district.
It's about 30 miles or more from Abingdon, where he's from. There are car dealers in Bristol and Abingdon. Why not buy there instead of a small town off the interstate?


Unknown said...

This is confusing. Are you saying Boucher shouldn't support small businesses off the beaten path, or that he shouldn't shop around for the best deal like the rest of us do, or what? Either way, I think it was honorable of Boucher to shop in a small town and to pay his fair share, which he did.

Mike said...

Or maybe he went off the beaten path to try and hide the transaction.