Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One ignorant hillbilly

The New York Times gives space to a guest writer to talk about West Virginia pride - and trash Massey and other coal companies without naming names.
We mine coal despite the danger to miners, the damage to the environment and the monomaniacal control of an industry that keeps economic diversity from flourishing here.
I'm sure the coal companies would love to have other industries in the area. Sen. Byrd has been trying to move the federal government to West Virginia over the years, piece by piece.
Maybe President Obama needs to call a cabinet meeting and say "One cabinet department is moving to southern West Virginia. Secretary, staff and everything with it." That would sure bring more diversity to the West Virginia economy.
How about moving the State Department from Foggy Bottom to some bottom land? In the age of the internet, not everyone has to live and work around Washington, D.C.

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