Friday, April 9, 2010

Farewell to Johnstown

The New York Times reports on the sad news of the demise of the Johnstown Chiefs.
Instead of highlighting the team's resilience - the last of five original ECHL teams in the same city - they mention the down-on-its-luck side of the city. And they throw in John Murtha's death for some reason (I guess a possible reason for the team moving).
Roanoke still awaits its return to the ECHL, as does Richmond. As the league has grown more successful, it has left typical ice hockey towns for southern and western cities. When Slap Shot was made, very few teams were in the south. Now, most of the ECHL is.

In honor of this week's blog topic, how about a look at the logo of the Roanoke Valley Rebels from 1990?

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