Monday, August 28, 2023

Show me the infrastructure

Blue Virginia's love affairs with electric cars seems to rely more on projections and hope than the desires of the motoring public.
He doubts the coming rules on auto sales are "bans."
But if 95% of the public buys gas-powered engines this year and the new rule only allows 65% in 2026, isn't that a ban on buying the type of car you want?
If the state goal has been met, no gas-powered engine for you.
Sounds like a ban to me.
The argument of the benefits of electric vehicles ignores the infrastructure issue - what good is a car if there's no place to charge?
If you run out of power before your destination?
If governments were serious about a transition to electric cars, they'd be building charge stations at government buildings and rest areas on the interstate where they would be needed.
Selling lots of cars doesn't help if they can't be used as the motoring public has come to expect.

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