Monday, June 6, 2022

Only gas prices matter

Blue Virginia runs a silly column bound to doom any Democrats who listen - explaining how it's a dishonest debate over gas prices.
Guess they haven't left the house in months.
The columnist plays the inflated price comparison - it was worse in 2008.
Forgetting that Republicans lost big that November after the price of gas spiked.
What will they say when the average price of gas stops $5.37/gallon - their inflation adjusted standard.
The second point is people had good feelings about the future economy - in 2021. About two dollars per gallon ago.
The latest surveys won't be so optimistic.
And don't blame President Biden and don't talk about drilling more.
Even if drilling more gave us low prices just three years ago.
Pipelines and drilling now won't drop prices now - it takes 16 months. Like the 16 months where we could have been drilling, but instead the Biden administration threw up regulations and shut down planned pipelines.
With prices so high, it's the Democratic election machine that's out of gas.

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