Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Central planning doesn't work

Blue Virginia has a collection of tweets from the Fredericksburg Democratic Committee chairwoman. 
Too bad they don't read with an open mind. 
Democrats would see why their plans will fail based on the failure of the McAuliffe team.
The McAuliffe team pushed a top-down plan, keeping control of their campaign signs and ignoring warning signs that their message wasn't working. 
HoD candidates and staff were left out to dry with McAuliffe’s staff keeping their cards so close to their chest that the majority for the time even DPVA was kept in the dark about decisions being made. Team McAuliffe did not coordinate.
Like many of the Democratic policy plans, putting government and its bureaucrats in control.
If something doesn't work, they just keep doing it.
If this management style doesn't work in campaigns, how can it work in the real world?

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