Sunday, April 19, 2020

United - against the governor

Of the governors who seem to have let power to go their heads, Virginia's Ralph Northam leads the way.
He's wanted Virginia closed longer - June 10 - when others are waiting to see how things go May 1 or May 15.
Now he's drawn the attention of President Trump.
And trying to say Trump's politicized things, not him.
“You know, our president obviously has been unable to deliver on tests. Now, he has chosen to focus on protests. And this is not the time for protests, this is not the time for divisiveness. This is time for leadership that will stand up and provide empathy, that will understand what’s going on in this country of ours with this pandemic. It’s the time for truth. And it’s the time to bring people together. And that’s what I’ve done as the governor of Virginia."
People in Virginia are together - wondering how long these orders will last.
While watching most of the death and illness happen either in nursing homes or New York City.
We have masks and we have not gotten sick over the last month. We want to start the path back to post-pandemic life.

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