Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Talk of the summer

Alan Dershowitz has headed to Martha's Vineyard for some summer relaxation.
Some of his former friends aren't in the mood to see him.
The politically charged missive didn’t pull any punches. Teller, whose wife is director Claudia Weill, said Dershowitz had embarrassed himself by so often appearing on television to strenuously oppose the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.
 "You thereby gave Trump an opportunity to use you and your positions in his own defense, to wave you like his pom-pom. How unfortunate for all of us,” wrote Teller, a partner in a Beverly Hills law firm. “You defended and gave cover to this president who relentlessly disrupts and destroys all that we value and causes massive and lasting damage to our political system, our courts, our standing in the world, the environment and more. In all of that you are complicit.”
The waters of New England aren't the only thing that's chilly this year.

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