Sunday, January 22, 2017

The communicator couldn't communicate

Obama communication director Jen Psaki has a concern - will the women's march amount to much?
The danger we face is allowing the march to make us feel better, to lull us into complacency. That is where the sinking feeling is coming from.
There are more post mortems about the outcome of the election than I can recount, but one thing is clear. People didn’t show up. And not just to vote. Though more than 90 million eligible voters did not show up on Election Day. But to volunteer, to make phone calls, to donate, to run for office.
The campaign didn’t show up in rural, red districts or suburbs where the assumption was made that undecided and female voters would vote for someone of the same gender and against the misogynist and racist language we heard during the campaign.

The communications team didn't communicate in 2016.
They thought women were a solid voting block for the woman in the race.
Now Democrats have much more time to talk about their issues while Donald Trump gets to work.

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