Sunday, January 1, 2017

Not bowled over

The current college football bowl season doesn't impress Powerline.
Anyone who watched either of yesterday’s BCS “playoff” games has to come away with disgust for whoever came up with the scheme to have a faux college football championship. Washington played creditably against Alabama for much of the game though the result never seemed much in doubt, but Ohio State didn’t even belong on the same field with Clemson. The Buckeyes took more black eyes than Rhonda Rousey in a one-round fight; they looked worse on the field than Mariah Carey without a lip-sync track.
Maybe Alabama vs. Clemson will be a great game.
But it will be on a Monday night after a big NFL weekend.
Likely extending to midnight.
A Monday where most people work, and have to get up early Tuesday to work.

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