Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not good if you disagree with me

Scott Adams has mentioned cognitive dissonance of Clinton voters many times, including today.
They are struggling with the conflict between their view of Trump and the reality that he's been voted into the White House.
Andy Schmookler has been writing pieces that show the struggle.
He sees people he lives around doing good things, and yet they voted for Trump.
How can that be?
He sees them helping others in the area.
But they voted for evil Trump.
Does that vote overwhelm any good they do in their non-political lives?
He tries to solve this problem by looking at the recent past.
In the South even well into living memory, the social order was one of racial terror and oppression. Jim Crow and segregation were clearly evil by any reasonable measure, and mighty few were the whites in the region who refused to support it.
Would we want to conclude that in the Old South — of the days of slavery, and all the way up into and past the 1950s — there were virtually no “good” or “decent” white people? Is there anyone here who would want to say that?
As Adams says, the struggle will continue.
So you would expect in this situation that Clinton supporters would enter a type of dream state in which they interpret their reality as being surrounded by racist-sexist-stupid citizens who just elected a genocidal dictator. They have to enter this dream because the only alternative involves believing that they themselves are gullible and deluded. 

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