Monday, October 10, 2016

After Trump loses

If you think Donald Trump is going to lose Election Day, have you thought how life will be after that?
Will he go quietly on with his life?
Or will be seek publicity wherever he can?
If Sunday's debate performance is an indication, the next four weeks are a preview of the attacks Hillary Clinton will be getting.
Any problem will bring Trump's rebuke.
And you think the media won't cover him?
They gave him tons of free press in the primary season, and got the ratings to boost them.
In terms the ancient Romans understood, he will likely salt the earth.
Keep pounding on things he think Hillary and the Democrats, and his other opponents, do wrong.
Somebody in the media will be getting rich from giving Trump airtime.
Trump's followers will not be crushed as Democrats hope - no matter the size of the loss.
Their issues remain - and their intense dislike of the Clintons will only rise.
No way Trump goes quietly.

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