Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bringer of destruction

Three years ago, President Obama touted his ending the American presence in Iraq.
It hasn't gone well so far.
The next year might be even worse.
Obama has once again proven the long-known wisdom -- of which he was ignorant, and when it was told to him, he jeered at it, because it conflicted with his "new" thinking -- that the surest way to waste men's lives in pointless warfare is to adopt a craven, cowering position and invite aggression.
All hail the Eternal Failure and Bringer of Destruction, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama.
They are resorting to Orwellian double-speak to not call it combat, because, of course, Obama declared the end of combat action in Iraq, and Obama is a vain and weak man who mistakes himself for a god.

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