Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where's the empathy for the coalfields?

Two columns from the Sunday papers.
In Virginia, one blaming people from the coalfields for not giving up on coal and moving on to other possible industries.
In the New York Times, one blaming society for the columnist's high school friend dying young.
In the coalfields, the columnist blames politicians for selling the former miners on the "War on Coal."
In the Times, it's the fault of others that the jobs left rural Oregon.
The Times writer wants empathy for his friends' struggle and early demise.
The Virginia writer doesn't suggest what jobs could replace the coal jobs - just the need to move on.
Times change.
Jobs disappear and move, and people have to adapt.
Whether they are your friends or not, they need empathy.
So do the taxpayers who help both groups because they have adapted to the current situation.

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