Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tribute through the tears

From time to time I catch up with Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom. We are both Towson alums from Baltimore.
This fall, his mother passed away but a battle for control continues with his brother.
Through the struggle, words from his mother's friends offered comfort.
While listening to the eulogy delivered by the rabbi, I learned from posts left on her memorial page and from which he quoted, that my mother was a pioneer in the food service sales industry, one of the women who broke the glass ceiling and who paved the way for others to follow. People I’d never heard of from her professional life treated her as she was a sort of icon now lost, to be mourned every bit as deeply as her family was mourning her loss.
He lost many childhood photos and slides from his brother's mis-management, but got some help.
I did, however, find my parents’ wedding album and some older pictures, and in fact some of my mother’s friends brought over lots of old photos from the fifties of themselves at the shore, or visiting New York, etc. And looking at those made me realize that my parents were likely just like me at one point in time — something I suppose I always knew cerebrally but never really understood emotionally.
This inspires my quest to preserve my family's photographic past - to inspire the future and remember those who carried us to our place in the world.

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