Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas present for realists

Liberals want single payer, but settled for Obamacare.
Vermont wanted single payer, and tried to make it work.
They failed.
It cost too much.
If Mr. Shumlin would give to each according to his need, he would take from each far more than his ability to pay. The state accountants estimated that his plan required an 11.5% tax on worker payroll, with no exceptions.
Individuals, meanwhile, would have paid as much as 9.5% of earnings, which would have applied to everyone making more than four times the poverty level, or $102,220 for a family of four—hardly the 1%. The full $2.59 billion in necessary funding would roughly double current state revenues (about $2.85 billion today).
Reality intrudes on the dreams of liberals again.

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