Saturday, July 12, 2014

Give us your hard workers

Ace of Spades offers a pair of stories of hard-working immigrants who have done well in the United States.
There's no problem with that.
I'll leave you with one final thought, from one racist hater to another. America is an ideal, not a location, not a people and certainly not a race. Fill my America with 320 million Osmas, chattering away in Spanish, and I'll be one happy gringo. Give me an America filled with 320 million blacks from Africa who eagerly chase the dream, and I'll live a long and full life, a speck of salt in a sea of pepper.
Give me Chinese folks with their godawful music, Indians dancing rings around my lame left footed ass or pale Scandinavians eating the soap. Give me people who see the unbelievably precious gift that is rule of law, who understand that they are responsible for their outcomes and who know hard work is not only it's own reward, but will reward them financially as well. In other words, give my racist, hating ass......Americans.

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