Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rush still matters

Almost time for the Rush Limbaugh show - three hours of broadcast excellence.
Media Matters still tries to push away from the show.
But it looks like they really pushed away advertisers from all talk radio, as Legal Insurrection finds.
Most of the much-ballyhooed list of advertisers who have “dropped” Limbaugh in reality consist of advertisers who never advertised with him to begin with or who have policies against advertising on politically controversial programs of any nature. Hyping long lists of advertisers who “refuse” to advertise on Limbaugh is meaningless.
In a very predictable irony, Media Matters’ efforts did damage to liberal talk radio as well. Advertisers who “refused” to advertise on Limbaugh generally have walked away from all talk radio — conservative and liberal alike. So says liberal radio talk show host Tom Hartmann (via Hot Air):
THOM HARTMANN: David Brock and Media Matters were leading the boycott Limbaugh crusade, which did presumably some damage to Limbaugh’s show. I can tell you it did a lot of damage to progressive talk radio, because a lot of advertisers, right across the board, said just pull me out of all talk radio. I don’t know Limbaugh’s numbers, but I do know that, on our side, progressive talk radio took a hit as a consequence.
Media Matters doesn't have talent on loan from anyone.

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