Monday, June 17, 2013

How not to shop

SooperMexican smacks around dim-witted legislators who show they know as much about food shopping as they do about governing.
Not very much.
House Republicans are proposing that $20 billion be cut from the program over the next ten years, which would come to about 2.5% per year – and liberals are going absolutely insane.
Democrats have begun a ridiculous campaign called the “SNAP Challenge” where they try to live on the average SNAP benefit per person. Keep in mind the very first letter of the program – it’s supposed to be supplemental, not the only source of nutrition.
Even so, the Democrats’ pathetic antics in failing at his simple task that many Americans fulfill without assistance has brought on many an occasion for ridicule.

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kat said...

One of my favorite bloggers, a homeschooling mom of 8 (I think) has a food stamp challenge:
She manages to feed her family on less than what the government suggests would be healthy. Very witty and useful.