Thursday, April 11, 2013

Star Scientific vs. GreenTech

Democrats are demanding answers from Ken Cuccinelli about his involvement with Star Scientific.
Republicans are demanding answers of Terry McAuliffe about his company - Green Tech.
The difference?
GreenTech is McAuliffe's company. Part of his identity as a businessman to bring jobs to Virginia.
Take away GreenTech and he's just a money-grubbing political hanger-on.
With it, he's a money-grubbing political hanger-on some real world experience.
Star Scientific is one of those political things - just another government insider possible problems. Is there a politician who hasn't faced this type of accusation?
Have we found any real influence on Cuccinelli or just imaginary troubles?
Which will bother the electorate more? Probably McAuliffe.
Sorry Democrats.

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