Sunday, April 14, 2013

Important voices in gun debate

Senator Mike Lee of Utah sought stories from people supporting their right to bear arms.
The stories crashed his office's servers twice last week.
One week ago, Lee launched Project 2A, an initiative that encourages Americans to share their thoughts on “what the Second Amendment means to them and why they feel the Senate should protect their rights.” Submissions are made through his website, and staffers originated a Twitter hashtag, #Protect2A, to accompany the effort.
The response, a Lee aide tells National Review Online, has been overwhelming. In the first two days, he received over a thousand submissions. Some recount the lives of family members saved by guns; others, their views on the central role of the Bill of Rights in American history or the practicalities of self-defense.
It's sad that kids lost their lives in Newtown. Making laws that take more lives won't help.

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