Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brackets and budgets

How does your bracket look going into the round of 32?
Are all your Final Four picks still alive?
If not, you might think you still have a chance to win your pool. If this game goes your way, you can climb back.
Instead, you'll spend the weekend watching other choices falter. In a world with millions of brackets selected, somebody will have better luck.
When talking about our deficit woes, some look at a certain part and think a little tweak can save the day. Raise the social security threshold for withholding a bit and you'll have enough money to keep the program solvent.
But hiking those taxes makes impacts elsewhere in the economy. Plug one hole and another develops.
President Obama may think his bracket still can win - even with 12 losing picks in the first 32.
Like his budgets, it's fatally wounded.

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