Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inspire. And draw fire

Happy Sarah Palin TV day. The Alaska show debuts Sunday 9 p.m., guaranteeing more craziness from the left.
What are her chances in the 2012 Presidential campaign? Is she so damaged by the insults of the past two years that there's no way she can win? Or will her personality and force of the ideas she supports push her into the White House?
I doubt Palin can win, because so many have such a bad image of her. Their minds are set - in stone. Nothing can really change their impression of her from the 2008 campaign.
But that doesn't have to limit her role in the national dialogue. She can continue doing what she's done - inspire and draw fire.
She inspires by using her platform to build momentum for conservative ideas. She voices opinions that many share, but aren't normally voiced in the mainstream media.
She inspires by touting like-minded politicians and bringing them needed attention. We'll see how much her "pack of grizzlies" will change Washington and various statehouses in 2011.
Drawing fire might be the most important job. Insults to Palin pile up, but they are very shallow. She's dumb. She quit her job. She's only popular because she's pretty.
The longer those are the talking points, they become less and less effective. Watch her in her natural element - Alaska and its wilderness beauty - and lots of Americans will relate. Maybe not those in New York taxi cabs or on the Washington Metro, but there's more to the United States than the liberal strongholds.
While Palin draws the left's fire, other politicians can go to work. While they are busy feeling superior to her, she runs rings around them.
Palin does inspire.
Palin draws fire.
Thanks to her, our hopes in 2011 are higher.

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