Friday, November 12, 2010

Coming to terms with one-term Obama

Chris Graham at Augusta Free Press opines on whether President Obama is destined to be just a one-term president.
What's keeping Obama out of the grave?
  1. It's a long way to 2012.
  2. The Republicans can self-destruct.
  3. Obama is still pretty popular.
All things Larry Sabato knows when hanging the one-term anchor on Obama's neck. Here's the key sentence:
Well, yes, he’ll be on the ballot in 2012, but they’re likely disillusioned with him, too.

It's not a beauty contest for president. More like an ugly contest. Just because our candidate is ugly doesn't mean your candidate is beautiful.
Just because Republicans will fight amongst themselves the next two years doesn't mean it will help President Obama stay in the White House.

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