Thursday, January 22, 2009

Class assignment

Lots of school children watched the inaugural, since it was historic and inspirational. Some teachers asked their students to write down their thoughts about what they had seen and heard.
I'm inspired to write an essay about today's major action.

Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on your new job and today's work. If you are closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, what will happen to the prison cells and those who work there?
I have some teachers you could put there. They gave me bad grades.
And there's this boy who misbehaved and made us miss a field trip. Could he be waterboarded? I know he may not like it, but we didn't like missing the field trip.
Keep up the good work. Your facebook friend since January 2008.

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Anonymous said...


A co-worker of my sister-in-law wrote the following after hearing of the Homework Assignment:

"Seriously - have her take the "F". Then get a lawyer. They are using grades to intimidate and threaten in order to push a political ideology.

OR ...

"Say how much she enjoyed watching our first commie President take office, knowing that it is now one day close to him screwing the country all up. Have her write on how excited she is that she'll have to pay off all this debt from all the social programs and "stimulus" that Obama is going to push for. Have her write how she thinks it's awesome that she's going to lose her right to keep and bear arms even before she's old enough to own a gun. Have her write about how proud she is that ending poverty in Africa is now going to be her personal responsibility. Have her explain how relieved she is that someone else is going to decide for her where, when and how often she can eat a cheeseburger and what temperature her house can be. She can conclude by asking what she should wear when she's forced into Obama's "universal voluntary service" programs which are essentially forced labor for no compensation, and inherently un-Constitutional.

"Have her write that."