Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keeping secrets

You get the feeling President-elect Obama would like to unload on Gov. Blagojevich with both barrels. But he can't, because there's an investigation going on. He can't come out and say, "I now know Blagojevich is an idiot. I'm the president-elect and he tries to shake me down. He shouldn't been allowed to clean the restrooms on the Navy Pier."
But he can't. Information that may make him look good can't come out yet. And in the void flows all kinds of conspiracy theories.
Here's another way Obama now knows how George W. Bush feels. For seven years, he's kept us safe. Many of the ways he's kept us safe are secret, since we don't want the enemy to know what we know. So the wild conspiracy theories fly, and decisions made to keep us safe are called anti-American and fascist.
One day, we'll be able to tell the truth about recent history. And soon, no one will remember how to spell Blagojevich off the top of their heads.

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