Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First post

Before the Fairness Doctrine hits, it's time to set up a blog.


Unknown said...

welcome to the blogosphere. To post a link with out the whole thing showing up you can create a link. You tpye something like "see it here" Then highlight "here" Then click on linkbox on toolbar. It is kinda green box next to colors. Then put whole link in box

Jason Bibeau said...

Hey Mike welcome to the blog world, sound like you head is screwed on "right". I'll be happy to help if I can, feel free to ask. We're neighbors in more ways than one.

The Augusta Water Cooler

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Mike, great to have you as another voice in the conservative Virginia blogosphere. Welcome! We look forward to reading your contributions.

~Lynn Mitchell aka SWAC Girl