Saturday, May 9, 2020

Shave and a hair cut, two bits

Shelley Luther caught the ire of a Texas judge, but before that she caught the mood of many Americans stuck at home.
Before she was ever arrested, Shelley Luther evidently sensed she could turn her story into a more universal one and change the conversation. She knew she was in a big city, Dallas, which is one of the nation’s largest media markets, so she could push her story to a national audience. And she did. She sensibly prepared by setting up a GoFundMe account, anticipating legal and other expenses (and she’s now being criticized for thinking ahead by the same people who wanted to see her spend a week in jail). She’s also being criticized for owning a nice home — a home she worked for and was paying for before the government shut her business and the whole economy down. She would like to continue paying for it, but can’t because she wasn’t allowed to work.

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