Sunday, March 1, 2015

We must maintain the mistake

The big week in Washington continues with oral arguments on King v. Burwell.
The question before the court - does the law means what it says it means.
And can government agencies change rules without Congressional approval.
How did this loophole - no subsidies if you use the federal exchange - happen?
Democrats pushed through the complex bill with tricks - due to Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate race in early 2010.
They didn't have the votes to bring the House and Senate bills in tune, so they pushed it through as it was.
If you're complaining about millions losing their subsidies, it's millions of people who shouldn't have had subsidies in the first place.
The plantiffs didn't make the decision to give subsidies - the IRS did.
You may want to blame Republicans for this possible Obamacare loss, but Democrats created the mess.
And bureaucrats made it obvious.

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