Thursday, March 12, 2015

Time to explore

If you like Calvin and Hobbes, there's a new book and new interview with its creator - Bill Watterson.
The interview lets you learn more about the cartoonist, who left the field too soon for many fans.
Mostly, though, Watterson sounds eminently grateful for the audiences he got, in the era he first got them, in a format and model that played to so many of his strengths. “I just knew it was time to go,” says Watterson, now a family man in his native Ohio, seemingly at peace with his place and achievement.
Yet “Calvin and Hobbes,” so beloved as a strip ultimately about friendship, continues to find new young readers. And so this new book is not only a treasure-trove for longtime fans; its once-in-a-lifetime interview is also a road map of invaluable, transferable realities for the next generation of creators.

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